Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Waka Huia Design

My Waka Huia Design
We made a waka huia which means
Treasure box.
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One of the designs I used was a fish
File:MAP Expo Maori Hameçon 13012012 4.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsHook which represents strength,prosperity
And peace. I chose it because my treasure gives me strength and brings peace and prosperity to my family.

My last design is a whale tail and it Represents strength, intelligence and harmony chose because harmony is what the

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ko Wai Au

Ko wai Au
My paddle has patterns and words that is all about me, like my culture, personality, my name, my interests and my family. I and  My culture Cook island and Tokelau are on my paddle because it represents me and my family, my name is the biggest thing on paddle because it is what people call me and it is the name I was given and it means alot to me. My family is on my paddle because they are important to me, with all their support and they made me who I am .

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All About Rita

All About:Rita
Kia orana My Name is Rita, I am 10 years old and I’m was born in Kenepuru in New Zealand, my favourite food is my mum’s homemade Pizza, apples and self made salads. My culture is Cook Island and Tokelau, I love playing netball, basketball, volleyball and video games. I’m quirky,funny, I get along with people very well and I am very lazy sometimes.

I have 3 siblings. They are Tepaeru who is 11yrs she’s turning 12 then it goes me I’m turning 11, then my only brother Isaia- 5yrs he started school last year and he is turning 6 and finally my youngest sister is Ivana-3yrs and still at kindergarten. She soon going to turn 4.

I’m pretty smart for my age and I am really fast in running and swimming, My best friends are Hibiscus,Rosary and Itaria I met Hibiscus and Itaria kindergarten I was two at the time. When I am at home outside I like to go on my dad's bike and go in the pool, When I’m indoors I like to play on technology, cook, watch tv and play board games. Last of all I love to read, sing and do science experiments.

Monday, December 12, 2016


Aotea Lagoon
The Pohutukawa had EOTC week and on the first day we went to The Lagoon and this is my point of view of the trip.

For E.O.T.C week we walked down to the Lagoon I thought we were catching the bus,but when we got to the lagoon we sat down and had a snack then we played. I played Tug of War we did boys vs girls the girls won and there were more boys than girls,when the girls started winning some boys went on the girls team because they won I thought it was funny.

Rosary and I lost Cyrus so we just played but we found him on this spinning thingy next to the little kids park. Me and Rosary went on he was on it with Tepaeru and Tiare,Tiare kept on falling and we started laughing. Then when we stop spinning I tried walking and tripped I thought it was funny and got up.

After that we had Morning tea and played with Cyrus’s dad we played skipping and soccer,then Rosary and I climbed up the pyramid I was so high up. I nearly fell off the top of the pyramid and then I screamed because I thought I was going to fall off. When we got down we were having lunch I was starving all that climbing made me hungry then we played then we walked back to school and I was tired.


Survival Day
On tuesday we had survival day but it wasn’t the survival day I thought,I thought it was the survival day that the year 7s and 8s do but we just went around pohutukawa classes doing activities on being prepared in natural disaster.My favourite activites in room 8 with Miss Holand we got to do exercise dice or a christmas card I made both and I did everything on my dice my favourite was 25 push ups.

Miss Sellars taught us how to save someone's life if they sprained their ankle or they are choking, Memphis pretend she broke/sprained her ankle and miss showed how to wrap it.Then Ethan.L pretended he was choking.

Ms Bruess-McBride was in he hall not room9 we played a stepping stone game my group came up with an amazing idea then all the groups copied us,it was awkward and weird because one group nearly made it using our idea. I kept on shouting ideas out with Mereana and memphis and then we finished.

Miss Hills had an activities on space but it was fictional an astronaut was lost so we number 1-15 of the resources he needed, my group only got three wright and another got 5 they won it was challenging.

Finally in room 11 Ms Kyle made us do a poster about being prepared and all the resources you would need in an Earthquake to help you survive like a radio,clothes,torch,first aid and many more but I never got to start because we didn’t have enough time people thought it wasn’t fair but I don’t care because I finished later.

That was what survival day was like for me I think it was boring no offense.


On Wednesday we went into wellington to go to Te Papa and Nga Taonga Sound and Vision. We went to Te Papa first and when we got there we had snacks,then we put our bags into these cages and went into our groups. We were given these sheets that had questions on them about something in the museum and what floor it was on,it was like a scavenger hunt my group didn’t do much because people in the group kept on wondering off. The people in our group was Rhiannon,Samia,Ben,Kassy,Eraia and I the adult we were with was Rhiannon’s dad Kent.  

My group combined with another group the group we were put with was Rachell’s group and guess what my sister was in that group,I thought it was a mistake but it wasn’t I kept on telling myself that it was just a coincidence and I just started laughing then Tepaeru just looked at me weirdly so I just looked at her as well it was like we were having a stare off it was funny.

But when Rhiannon,Samia and I was writing something down and then we lost the other half of the group so we went with Rachell’s group to level 4 but we had different sheets so we didn’t know what to do so we just stood around. 15 minutes later we saw Kent and the others coming up the stairs and we felt relieved that they came up the stairs.

Then Miss Smith gave us a tour and told us about Te rauparaha and very important māori people. Te rauparaha was not that important because he was the youngest but he had something that none of his older siblings had,he had six toes like a tiki he also fighted like a tiki and that is why he was important. Then we had lunch and after lunch we went to a place called Nga Taonga Sound and Vision we learnt the history about Wellington we saw pictures and videos of what it was like in the olden days like what the looked like.To me in the old days it looked funny,people sounded funny and their were buildings then and other things that were their but arn’t here now. When there was music playing Cyrus,Rosary and I would play instruments or when a narrator was talking we would lip sync,half way through the movie Tiare and Alizay fell asleep. Before we left we saw some commercials my favourite one was when a man said would your hand with a lobster, I couldn’t stop laughing I nearly started snorting.

When we left Rosary,Cyrus and I played sweet or sour it's a game when you wave at people and if they wave their sweet and if they don’t their sour, out of all the people we waved their was only one man who waved everyone else we waved at just stared at us weirdly and it just got awkward. Cyrus waved like he was a killer it was hilarious that's what Rosary and I thought others thought it was just creepy. When we got to school it was just a normal day.

Wednesday Evening

The Sleepover!!
After school my sister and I went home to get ready for the sleepover at school I wore onesies and Tepaeru wore a t-shirt and shorts when we got there people were outside and I was the only one wearing onesies. We went to the hall and it was full of sleeping bags,mattresses,blankets,pillows and board games. When I got to the hall I set my bed next to Rosary and Cyrus,then Mya and Nina came so Rosary,Cyrus and I told them to sleep next to us.

When the sleepover started we were split into two groups and played two games,the group I was in had a teacher which was Miss Souter and a helper which was Kyara’s aunty Haley. We played Hockey and Basketball,in Basketball I went against Benjamin and I won! the boys won and we had to do 10! Push-ups.

then we went back to the hall had some supper people bought baking for supper I had brownies that my mum made and everyone ate them all so I couldn’t go and seconds.After supper we just played with cards and board games,Rosary,Cyrus and I played on Cyrus’s air mattress I thought it was going to pop then me and Rosary flipped it over when cyrus was on it,it was hilarious we couldn’t stop laughing.

Then we played Spotlight what was so is that no-one knew who the tagger so we kept on tagging each other it was funny. Me,Rosary and Cyrus were buddies and we got 307 people we played spotlight differently to the original.We played it again but we had to play the real way. Rosary and I hid with each other because we lost Cyrus, we hid in the big adventure and the only people there were Anaru,Paris,Rosary and me. We had to go back inside for some reason and some people were still inside.

Then we watched a movie called Flubber me,Rosary and Nina slept in the middle of the hall. People kept on turning their torch on it was annoying the movie was so funny and weird people said “ewwww” because in the movie two people kissed. We couldn’t finish the movie because it was getting too late so we went to bed.